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The Power of Reciprocal Care

“This is a healing environment, not just through dialysis, but through interactions and the way you talk to each other"

Care That Lifts the Spirits

“They joke with us, they sing, and it makes your day. They care for you.”

Looking Out for Each Other

“We’re providing a service that saves their lives. It’s also not just that side of things; our conversations, our talking, we look out for each other. And I think that also helps them on a mental note.”

Becoming Myself

“I am very good at fixing machines. It makes me feel good to help people”

Jump Right In

“I thought at the very least it’d be really good interview experience. I never actually thought that I would get the job”

Why I Made a Bold Move

“When I was young, there was room for mistakes. It’s ok that you do something not perfectly”

Uprooting to Discover New Paths

"I would have never imagined that I would stay in the same company for such a long time”

Fresenius Kidney Care

Your trusted partner in kidney care

Paper Ball Challenge

Curious what our nurses across Asia Pacific LOVE most about being a nurse?

HighVolume HDF<sup>&#174;</sup>

From promise to proof.

St. Wendel plant

Making life-saving products for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney failure.

sleep•safe harmony

As individual as your patients — PD therapy tailored to patients' needs.

eco4dialysis video

Reducing operating costs for renal care centers and dialysis clinics.

Back to the Wall Run video - CSR 2018

One month after the Back to the Wall run, check how we ignited the hopes of patients in China.