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Media supply at a glance

Our media supply products provide the right interface for easy access to all the relevant dialysis media, such as dialysate, concentrate, or power. Our portfolio contains a variety of systems for different premises and individual design requirements.

At your finger tips


The MediaP - Media Supply Panel - is the rail system of choice. Designed to meet the needs of the modern dialysis unit, it provides a robust and ergonomically designed central point for the dialysis machine services.

The detachable panels installed between the media centers, allow quick and easy access to the electrical and fluid components. The modular and flexible design makes it easy to install, extend or modify.


MediaC - Media Supply Center - has been designed to meet the needs of a modern dialysis unit. Available as single or double station units, the MediaC provides an alternative to the Fresenius Medical Care MediaP - Media Supply Panel.

The MediaC provides a central bedside point for all electrical and hydraulic services including permeate, concentrates, drainage, power, alarms, data interface and equipotential earth bonding.


The MediaR - Media Supply Rail provides a cost effective option for the delivery and collection of dialysis fluids. Connections for dialysis water, concentrates and drain are available. The installation of this system is simple and quick.