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Therapy Support Suite (TSS)

At a glance

The Therapy Support Suite (TSS) is the central clinical management software within TDMS. As such it supports the user in carrying out, creating and managing patient prescriptions, medication plans, documentation of treatment data, and patient-related laboratory data. Furthermore, it provides enhanced reporting capabilities and allows the professional management of an association of dialysis centers.


Optimization of resources in a dialysis ward

Less time is required for the documentation of patient data

  • Seamless communication from the dialysis device up to hospital information system
  • Quick and effective processing of the documented data – in accordance with the principle “all information at a glance”

Support of documentation processes in a dialysis ward

Long-term documentation of the treatment data and its context-related visualization

  • Common documentation of dialysis treatment data, laboratory data, medical findings, medication processes, etc.
  • Integration into higher level hospital information system (HIS) possible at any time

Immediate, simple and secure access to patient data

Immediate and simple access to patient data

  • Patient-related data, such as master data and dialysis data, as well as laboratory, medication, and findings related data
    • is available across associated centers
    • is available in the same quantity and quality for all users
  • advanced data privacy through access rights management and comprehensive user action logging

Optimization of data analysis and visualization of results

Advanced reporting capability

  • by cross-table search functionality overall the patient data in the database
  • allows presentation of customizable views and reports
  • allows patient-related data to be analyzed according to individual needs

In Depth

Different demands of dialysis wards require flexible, modular solutions which are easily adaptable to the individual situation of the professionals

The modular approach of TSS relies on a base system which is extendable with additional modules to fulfill advanced:
  • Medical Services
  • Clinical Services
  • Corporate Services
The TSS – Platform is a lean system to:
  • Manage administrative patient data
  • Support the user in carrying out, creating and managing patient prescriptions, medication plans, documentation of treatment data, and patient related laboratory data
  • Support automated treatment documentation
The TSS – Analysis and Report Writing is an Advanced Medical Service to allow:
  • Advanced data analysis and customized reporting with the help of a sophisticated Query Builder
The TSS – Multi Centre Management is an Advanced Clinical Service to allow:
  • Management of physically separated dialysis wards under one database
The TSS – communication Data Link is an Advanced Corporate Service to allow:
  • Support of core business processes in hospitals as a subsystem
  • Interoperability with a HIS