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Company profile

The leading provider of products and services for people with chronic kidney failure

Fresenius Medical Care around the world

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Fresenius Medical Care in numbers

•    We offer dialysis services and products in around 150 countries.
•    Every 0.6 seconds we provide a dialysis treatment somewhere on the globe.
•    We employ around 120,000 employees in around 50 countries.
•    One in two dialysis machines worldwide is made by Fresenius Medical Care.
•    In 2019, Fresenius Medical Care generated revenues of around 17.48 billion Euro.
•    Fresenius Medical Care has been developing and producing dialysis products for more than four decades.

Innovations by Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care – Dialysis Machine

The market conditions in some of the countries where we sell our products vary considerably. Fresenius Medical Care successfully takes this disparity into account with its differentiated product range. Our R&D teams benefit from this: As our product development is decentralized, we can address regional requirements quickly. However, chronic kidney failure is increasingly becoming a global problem, leading to growing demand for improved, high-quality yet cost-efficient treatment methods. For our innovation teams around the world, this results in synergies that we intend to leverage by having a global R&D function.

We have identified six core areas as the future focal points of our R&D activities

1. Market leadership

2. Vertical integration

3. Global portfolio management

4. New technologies and applications

5. Home therapies

6. Emerging markets

Our R&D infrastructure

In 2015, 649 highly qualified employees worked for Fresenius Medical Care in R&D worldwide. They come from various backgrounds: Physicians work side by side with software specialists, business economists and engineers in interdisciplinary teams. Most activities are carried out at our facilities in Schweinfurt and Bad Homburg (Germany). Other R&D sites are in St. Wendel (Germany), Bucharest (Romania) and Krems (Austria). In the U.S., the Company maintains centers of excellence for the development of devices in Concord and Lake Forest, California, and for dialyzers and other disposable products in Ogden, Utah. Development activities in Shanghai and Changshu (China) are focused on the growing demand for cost-effective dialysis systems for Asia and emerging markets. The global R&D organization coordinates collaboration and technology exchange among the various sites. 

Fresenius Medical Care – Polysulfon

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