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communication Data Link (cDL)

communication Data Link (cDL) — hospital information systems (HIS)

Interfacing TDMS with external hospital information systems (HIS)

  • Consistent use of patient data
  • Supports billing processes
  • Enables treatment documentation in electronic health records

At a glance

Advantages for administrators

Advantages for clinical staff

In Depth

Resource optimization Reduces administration by eliminating the need for data to be stored in multiple databases.
Data protection Data stored only in secure TDMS database and HIS.
Transparency Relevant data is available to all users at their respective interfaces.
Flexibility Uses standard HIS protocols, but can be configured to comply with local systems.
Product simplicity Minimal maintenance and no custom installation required.
Optimized treatment Improved availability of comprehensive patient data and just-in-time lab results.
Optimized patient safety Eliminates mistakes arising from manual data input.
Optimized patient care Reduced administration allows more time for patient care.
communication Data Link (cDL) - concept

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