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F-Series dialyzers

Not all polysulfones are like Fresenius Polysulfone®

  • Proven quality and efficiency of Fresenius Polysulfone®
  • The original benchmark for biocompatibility
  • INLINE steam sterilized
  • Available in both low-flux and high-flux ranges
  • Key features
  • Technology
  • Performance data

INLINE steam sterilization – purity enhanced

The INLINE steam sterilization process of F-Series dialyzers. Diagram shows example use with FX dialyzers.

INLINE steam sterilization – the benefits

Fibre integrity testing

Quality from start to finish

  • Fresenius Polysulfone® dialyzers are produced to meet international safety regulations
  • Fresenius Medical Care’s core competency is the complete production from membranes to the finished dialyzers, providing the highest quality during every step of production 

Low Flux Dialysers – High Performance Steam (HPS)

High Flux Dialysers

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