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Brand Identity

Fresenius Medical Care has been serving patients in the Asia Pacific region since 1995.

With more than three decades of experience in dialysis, supported by innovative R&D, we are the only company that offers unique and comprehensive solutions to renal patients, everywhere, every day, for life. Our life-long goal is to give each and every patient a future that offers them the best-possible quality of life.

We are continuously developing new products and therapies that offer patients the best-possible quality of life, enabling them to look ahead to the future with much more confidence.

The highest medical standards are our benchmark. As a vertically integrated company, we offer products and services for the entire dialysis value chain. This is our promise to our patients, our partners in the healthcare system and our investors, who trust in the reliable performance and the future of Fresenius Medical Care.

Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day.


Fresenius Medical Care achieves optimal sustainable clinical and technological standards through our commitment to developing innovative products and therapies.

With many years of professional experience and innovation, the focus of our R&D is to maintain our technological and clinical edge to provide optimal patient care.

Across the Asia Pacific region we are united in our commitment to providing high quality products and services that deliver optimal medical and professional practices for life.

Honesty, integrity, respect and dignity are the hallmarks of our relations with our patients, our employees and our business partners.


Turning our vision into reality

Fresenius Medical Care’s business strategy is to maintain our global leadership and consolidate our position in the Asia Pacific region as the leading provider of top-quality dialysis treatments and products and to use this as a basis for sustainable, profitable growth.