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As the market leader worldwide, Fresenius Medical Care is aware of its responsibility and takes it seriously. With our rules and company ethics we want to set standards that comply with our own and our stakeholders’ expectations.

Fresenius Medical Care is committed to conduct its business activities in compliance with local laws and regulations that apply to our business. We seek to demonstrate professionalism, honesty and integrity in our business relationships with patients, customers, suppliers, the government and other payors, fellow employees, investors and the general public.

Our compliance program comprises of a code of business conduct that applies worldwide in every business section and combines our long-term interests with those of our various stakeholders. It is based on core company values. With these core values Fresenius Medical Care has established policies and procedures to ensure compliance with such laws and regulations, and will not pursue business opportunities that are inconsistent with its regulatory obligations or are violating regional laws.

Considerable training and intensified internal communication are part of our compliance program to introduce and engross our code of business conduct to every employee on a regular basis. The compliance program considers regional distinctions without contradicting this code. Fresenius Medical Care periodically reviews and modifies its compliance program to ensure that its content and implementation procedures are in line with local legal requirements.

Additionally Fresenius Medical Care has implemented business ethics and principles for business partners which outline the principles for all third parties acting on behalf of Fresenius Medical Care. The emphasis is on environmentally sound and resource-efficient production as well as fair and humane working conditions at our suppliers.

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