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The healing power of reciprocal care

A patient and nurse talk about what their relationship means to them

“I look forward to coming here. You're coming into a very friendly, trusting environment. There’s a lot of laughter and connectedness.“  This is a healing environment, not just through dialysis, but through interactions and the way you talk to each other.

“It’s a natural two-way energy: the openness, the friendliness and the cheerfulness -  and their ability to work personally with you – it's a two way relationship.”



[Link to Ron and Bill’s video]



Dialysis patient, Bill, is explaining the reciprocal nature of nurse-patient care he experiences at his Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic in Sydney, Australia, and continues as he reads a very personal letter of thanks to his nurse, Ron:

“It was your gentle way of engaging with me, your absolute professionalism … You have integrated commitment, service, professionalism, and compassion into your vocation as a nurse … May you continue to love your vocation.”

Ron is delighted when he hears just how much Bill appreciates him: “That's one of the best letters that I've received actually.”

“The most rewarding part I must say is when a patient says thank you - that's it - that explains everything ….”




International campaign recognizes nurses at the center of healthcare

Bill and Ron’s heartfelt exchange comes from a series of videos showcasing interviews with nurses and their patients that highlight the reciprocal nature of nurse-patient care. The video series is just one part of the ‘Care goes both ways’ campaign that Fresenius Medical Care launched on International Nurses Day 2021 and will continue throughout the year.

The international campaign recognizes and supports the organization’s nurses and clinical teams throughout the Asia Pacific (AP) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions, providing a platform to celebrate frontline health workers and the extraordinary care they provide to patients.

“Now, more than ever, we are critically aware of the limitless care provided by our clinical teams”, said Harry de Wit, CEO & President of Fresenius Medical Care Asia Pacific, as he launched the campaign.

“Their care sustains lives in our clinics and then continues beyond our doors, where nurses frequently support the health and wellbeing of patients and their loved ones, their colleagues, our organization, and the wider community. And we see that this care is reciprocated: patients feel a strong sense of connection to their nurses, colleagues stand together, and whole communities applaud the work of nurses.”


A powerful circle of care

It is this powerful circle of carethat resulted in the ‘Care goes both ways’ theme and spurred the organization to find new ways to recognize and support nurses and their clinical teams, both professionally and personally.

The fully integrated campaign includes interactive digital elements designed to engage clinical staff, patients and carers, and even office staff – demonstrating the multidirectional nature of care.



Stories and photos shared in a social mosaic

The patient-nurse videos provide a rare and unique glimpse into the relationship between individual nurses and their patients. Similarly, the opportunity to express appreciation and share personal insights is extended beyond the clinic, with staff and patients encouraged to share stories and photos that reflect how the care provided by nurses has inspired them and how this has made a difference in their lives. These inspiring stories and photos will all contribute to an immense digital social photo mosaic, demonstrating to nurses that their work on the frontline, protecting the wellbeing of patients, is recognized and appreciated by all.

A vision of future healthcare 

The ‘Care goes both ways’ campaign also echoes the 2021 International Nurses Day theme: ‘A Vision of Future Healthcare’.

“The global COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the vital contribution that nurses make to the health of us all, and this has encouraged health systems around the world to explore new models of care with nurses at its center”, said Dr. Katarzyna Mazur-Hofsäß, CEO of Fresenius Medical Care Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“In much the same way, we have been exploring new ways to strengthen the support we provide for nurses and clinical technicians, who are at the heart of the care our organization provides”. 



New tools to support nurses

The company has created new educational opportunities that help nurses to build skills, develop as leaders and advance their careers, while confidential counselling and support services in individual countries will providepractical and emotional support.

A pivotal element of the campaign includesnew digital tools that engage and empower nurses, supporting their wellbeing and career development within the organization.

Harry de Withighlighted the importance of the ‘Care goes both ways’ campaign:

“On International Nurses Day and every day, we are delighted that we have these new ways to champion our nurses and to help them thrive in an era that both challenges and brings out the best in everyone who has the privilege of delivering health care”.


It feels like family

For Bill, coming to the clinic to receive treatment is like entering a trustful family environment. Equally, Ron finds time with his patients and colleagues to be like a second family at work.

The healing power of connectedness that they receive from each other’s care is something which is experienced daily by thousands of nurses and patients right around the world; and it deserves to be celebrated, on International Nurses Day and every day.