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Thanks to the enormous medical advances in dialysis and dialysis machines, the “artificial kidney” is helping millions of people to continue enjoying long and agreeable lives, despite their disease.

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's market leader for renal replacement therapy, and so offers a full range of products and services that help patients living with kidney disease.

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Enjoy life despite the illness

Although receiving a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease might at first be a shock, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter of life.

Aside from the changes in your life related to kidney disease and treatment, life will go on!  Many people have learned how to live their lives around dialysis treatments.  There are many resources, both professional and patient sponsored, that can give you information and assistance in dealing with most of the issues that concern you.

You can return to work, or continue education while on dialysis. If you dialyze in a hemodialysis center, you will be given a treatment schedule that accommodates your work or education schedule. Another alternative is home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis  which allows for more flexibility and a freer schedule.

Nutrition and exercise

There is no reason not to enjoy a meal out.  Your dietician can help you make good choices from restaurant menus.  You can return to many of the activities that you have enjoyed in the past.  Getting enough exercise and keeping fit is important for everyone, including people with kidney disease.  Stick with your situation!  Your illness is a daily challenge.  If you want to keep control, then three things are essential:

  • Keep a systematic check on your diet
  • Keep physically active every day
  • Work with your doctor and your patient care team – they are there to help and support you
Enjoy life despite the illness

Holiday dialysis

We understand that you desire to connect to the world – be it discovering new places and destinations, reuniting with your family, pursuing an overseas business opportunity or immersing yourself in a different culture – and your condition should not stop you from doing so.

The world’s largest dialysis network is here to support you in fulfilling your travel goal. You are free to travel to destinations even across different continents while enjoying high-quality, reliable dialysis care by our professional clinical teams.

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Holiday dialysis