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Dialysis water supply at a glance

In order to ensure the required quality of fluids, our product range includes a variety of systems for different purification stages, such as reverse osmosis systems. The right system can be assembled based on personal preferences and local requirements.

AquaA Product Group

Our innovation meets your evolving needs


AquaA is the advanced system for permeate preparation in dialysis center and provides a permeate capacity up to 4,000 l/h.


Advantages of the AquaA:
Integrated sample ports for quality assurance procedures
Integrated control system before and during dialysis operation
Energy and water saving operation
Remote control
Emergency operation
Prepared for integration into dialysis and hospital IT management systems


AquaA2 is an additional (2nd stage) reverse osmosis module for the AquaA designed to meet higher permeate quality of a modern dialysis center.


Advantages of the AquaA2:
Full redundancy
Higher permeate quality
In case of emergency can be operated as a stand-alone unit


AquaHT is a hot water disinfection module designed to be integrated into the AquaA product group. It enables the heat disinfection of the both modules AquaA and AquaA2.


Advantages of the AquaHT:
Integrated heat disinfection of up to 40 HD machines in parallel
Heat disinfection is performed automatically and is documented by the system as specified by ISO 26722:2009
AquaHT permits continuous disinfection: a thermal disinfection of the permeate ring can be followed by a subsequent disinfection of the RO membranes


AquaUF is an ultrafiltration module for higher permeate quality.


Advantages of the AquaUF:
Increased permeate quality
Removal of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses
Heat disinfection of ultrafiltration module
Bypass possibility
High chemical resistance, double-layered

AquaBplus Product Group

The right fit for your budget


AquaBplus is a basic module for permeate preparation in the dialysis center.


Advantages of the AquaBplus:
Sensors and hydraulic systems are controlled by integrated functional test routines
User-friendly interface
Upgradable by a range of options
Network connectivity

AquaBplus B2

AquaBplus B2 is the second stage of AquaBplus product group. It is designed to meet the needs and quality standards of a modern dialysis center.


Advantages of the AquaBplus B2:
Both stages can be operated together or individually (for redundancy or higher permeate quality)

AquaBplus HF

AquaBplus HF allows hot disinfection of the permeate loop, dialysis unit tubing and the dialysis units itself.


Advantages of the AquaBplus HF:
Sequential disinfection of up to five HD machines
Can be retrofitted
Reduction of biofilm formation by permeate ring and connected user points without additional chemical disinfection
Continuous monitoring of temperature

AquaC Product Group

When independence matters


AquaC UNO H provides a thermal disinfectable single patient RO.


Advantages of the AquaC UNO H:
Significant risk reduction by using hot water instead chemicals for disinfection
Heat disinfection of the membrane and the ring
Interface heat disinfection in combination with FME HD device 5008/5008S
Automated data logging and monitoring
Network connection
Start / Stop communication with HD-device
Low noise emissions
Ring main length up to 10 m


AquaUNO is a mobile single patient reverse osmosis model.


Advantages of the AquaUNO:
Automatic rinse cycles
Monitoring of cleaning cycles
Start / stop communication with HD-device
Low noise emissions

High flexibility – Optional porters for AquaC UNO H and AquaUNO

  • Porter S - Fresenius Medical Care

    Porter S

  • Porter S with single pre filter - Fresenius Medical Care

    Porter S with single pre filter

  • Porter S with double pre filter - Fresenius Medical Care

    Porter S with double pre filter

  • Porter standard - Fresenius Medical Care

    Porter standard

  • Porter extended - Fresenius Medical Care

    Porter extended


AquaWTU is a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system designed to supply up to 5 dialysis machines. The complete system is housed and comprises pre-treatment and reverse osmosis.


Advantages of the AquaWTU:
Production of dialysis permeate from drinking water
Automatic rinse cycles
Programmable start / stop function
User-friendly interface
Integrated pre-filtration including softener