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5008 and 5008S

HighVolumeHDF® as standard

HighVolumeHDF® therapy

HighVolumeHDF® – The standard in cardioprotective hemodialysis

AutoSub plus – Automatically maximizing substitution volume for HighVolumeHDF®

MIXED HDF – High convective transport under unfavorable patient conditions

Safety creates confidence

Venous Access Monitoring (VAM) – Optimized monitoring of the venous path

If an alarm is emitted, the blood pump is stopped immediately and the venous clamp is closed. This aims to give the nursing staff more time to react appropriately to critical pressure changes.

Easy handling

ONLINEplus – Reducing workload, increasing usage

Blood lines

Efficient and sustainable

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1 In accordance with ISO 23500-5 and ISO 11663:2009

2 Safety advice: It is recommended that you stock sodium chloride in case it might be required