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Vascular access

proVencare Catheter

Premium quality, reliable vascular access

  • Optimized for blood transport
  • Developed for comfort
  • Excellent fit with Fresenius Medical Care therapies

proVencare® premium quality

proVencare Catheter Set

All proVencare® Catheters are specially designed and manufactured for smooth and steady blood transport. Injection molding is used to manufacture the transition piece of proVencare Catheters, which results in smooth transitions between the catheter shaft and tubes. Curvings with the lowest possible resistance allow the purified blood to flow back into the vein freely.

Select materials and component design

The connecting tubes are flexible and resistant to kinks, so that continuous blood flows are maintained even after repeated closing and opening of clamps. The tubes are securely attached within the transition piece for deep-seated and firm anchoring.

All clamps are fitted with a security insert for fast and reliable closure. They are color-coded to distinguish access and return lumen and indicate all relevant catheter parameters: volume, length and diameter.